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AdvancingThe Breakthrough

digital assets for cancer research fundraiser

A series of digital assets created for a volunteer project for the American Cancer Society. Advancing the Breakthrough is a non-profit fundraising event promotion, geared towards high-powered CEOs in the Tri-State area.

In December 2019 I signed up for CatchAFire, seeking a volunteer project, and was almost immediately contacted by the American Cancer Society. An annual fundraising event needed digital assets to explain and promote the event to Tri-State CEOs. They wanted something with a sci-fi feel to it, very modern, something to appeal to forward-thinking business people and to stress the theme of the event, "Advancing The Breakthrough". You can see below a selection of the concepts and color schemes I explored on the way to the final design.

The client provided me with examples from past years including their least and most favorite. Initially I provided multiple cover options, with this design winning out. I used gently edited ultra-close up images of cells, and a bright green, blue, and white color scheme to evoke the sci-fi feel the client wanted, and stuck with a single clean, modern sans-serif typeface throughout.

Typeface: Futura PT
Colors: #17e888 - Bright Green, #ffffff - White

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