Josie Makes

Title Sequence forPhantom of the Paradise

3D animation

For my animation class final, we were assigned to create an alternative title sequence for an older film. I chose to reimagine the titles for Brian De Palma's 1974 movie, Phantom of the Paradise, with a bit of an homage to what Imaginary Forces created for Netflix's Stranger Things. The images are inspired by elements from the film itself, as well as it's poster/dvd cover artwork.

This project took a lot of trial and error, and a lot of hard work! With the exception of the credits' text, all assets were designed in Adobe Illustrator, and then created & animated in Autodesk Maya. The final footage was created and edited in Adobe After Effects. The music is the Phantom's Theme from the movie, writen and performed by Paul Williams who also starred in the film as Swan.

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